Vacation Rentals in Santa Cruz

vacation rentals in santa cruzIf you’re looking for vacation rentals in Santa Cruz but don’t know how to go about your search, you’re not alone. Many people feel overwhelmed at the prospect of finding their dream home. But the search need not be overly complicated, provided you use these five tips:

  1. Plan Ahead

You read that right. You can’t expect to find a beautiful rental property in a week, a month, or, sometimes, even a few months before you want to be there. In the Santa Cruz area, rentals can go quickly during the peak season.

On short notice, there may not be places available that meet your requirements for location, the number of bedrooms, or other factors. So, phone the Kendall & Potter property management team ahead of time to book the accommodation, preferably as soon as you know when you would want to be in it. Even if that is a year from now. Better safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

  1. Search Online

A great advantage of being in the digital age is that you can find many great rentals and learn about their features online. Quality platforms like Kendall & Potter let you easily find details on vacation rentals in santa cruz ranging from 1 – 5+ bedrooms, as well as pet-friendly rentals.

When the property website is laid out like ours, it makes finding your Santa Cruz vacation rental so much easier. Simply click on the “Vacation Rentals” option in our top menu, and then select the number of bedrooms you want or for pet-friendly options.

You will see a gallery containing several high-quality photos for each property we have available, in addition to a description of included amenities, property details, such as its size, and when it is available for rent. Simply click the “Property Inquiry” button to find out more or call us at 800.386.6826.

  1. Only Book with a Reputable Company

Doing your homework on the property management company you choose to rent from can save you headaches later. Kendall & Potter has been in property management since 1972, giving us many years in the industry. We specialize in Santa Cruz properties, with a deep understanding of renter’s needs and the local property landscape.

Look for testimonials or reviews of the company, which are often available through their main website. Another feature to look for is the number of Santa Cruz vacation rentals that the firm offers. A reputable company will have a big selection; a large inventory shows that property owners trust the organization with their investments and also that the business is a successful one.

  1. Read the Contract, In Full

Once you find a property of interest, then you are ready to book it. At this point, you may be caught up in the moment and excited for the fun ahead of you in your Santa Cruz vacation rental. While that is wonderful you are looking forward to the holiday, it is in your best interests to recognize the importance of the contract.

This document essentially tells you what you are responsible for, in case of damages or if extra cleaning is later required. Also, the contract explains what you have to pay for. Commonly included expenses are cable, phone service, utilities, housekeeping, and Internet. Be sure to factor in that the costs of air conditioning or heating can be sizable, so make allowances for these utility costs in your budget.

  1. Paying the Deposit

Remember you have an upfront security deposit to pay, as well. You will have to factor this expense into your budget. Ask the property management firm what this amount will be for your chosen vacation rental in Santa Cruz before signing the contract, to make sure you have the funds to pay for it. Inquire too about what conditions you must abide by in order to get the full deposit returned to you later. A common condition is that all rental payments be made.

Following these five tips can help you to find your dream Santa Cruz vacation rental with as little stress as possible. When you plan ahead, you are more likely to find your ideal holiday accommodation and take care of all important matters without missing anything. To find out more about booking a quality vacation rental in beautiful Santa Cruz County, call Kendall & Potter today at 800.386.6826.