Tenant and Property Owner Testimonials

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Thank You Statements we’ve received for our Santa Cruz vacation rentals, long-term rentals and Santa Cruz property management

“We have rented our home for the past 2-1/2 years with Kendall and Potter as property managers, and we have been very pleased with the service we have received.  We get prompt response from emails and phone calls and when we have a question or want some advice, we are put in touch with a knowledgeable person who can answer our questions.  They did a great job in selecting a wonderful tenant for our house and have follwed up with a walk through after one year to make sure maintenance problems were taken care of.  Their pro-active management style is a perfect fit for us and we would recommend Kendall and Potter to anyone looking for a good property manager in the Santa Cruz area.”  Dorinda P.
“While we were in Europe there was an electrical fire at our property. Luckily K & P was on the job to see that the fire department was called, the insurance company alerted, and bids for repairs were ready for our review when we returned.”
“Imagine my shock when three weeks after my tenants moved in a tree fell – making the house unlivable. K & P had them happily relocated only blocks away while K & P supervised repairs. In no time, my renter was back in and we were back on track.”
“When our tenant unexpectedly passed away in my property, we had no idea how to proceed. K & P was there. They knew what to do and, what could have taken months, was resolved and rented in two weeks.”
“When my tenant lost his job and had to move out, I did not know what to do, how to get my rent money, what to do with the security deposit, so I called K & P to help me and they are still managing my property today.”
“I have been a client with Kendall-Potter for the past 8 years.  My experience with Kendall-Potter has been very positive. I have had serious maintenance repairs and each time the Maintenance and Office team have been extremely helpful in finding and helping me choose workers to complete the work. They are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with all types of situations. They have been very careful  in finding the right tenant for my rental each time I’ve needed a new tenant. I have been very satisfied with the services provided by Kendall-Potter and would recommend this agency to others seeking reliable and efficient service. Sincerely,  Nancy Schultz”

Thank You’s

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for handling our property so well over the years and we would also like to wish you and all at Kendall & Potter a very happy and most prosperous New Year. Thanks and best wishes.” – Paul Staeck
“Thank you for all the good information and quick response. I really do appreciate you sending me all the information.” B. Keller
“…And I appreciate your help over the years. We both know how difficult the job can be – especially when dealing with contractors.” – Bibb Latting
“Thanks so much to you and also Christa. Christa has done a wonderful job. If I ever am in need of Property Manager or if I know of any else who does – I will certainly send the business your way.” –  Berni
“Thanks for your note and once again thanks for overseeing my home. You have done a great job both with screening the tenants and then “dealing” with them.” – Sue Downward
“Many thanks to your team for all you do in handling my Capitola property so efficiently and professionally…” – Vivian Kennedy
“I’m very excited about this move, and very happy to be working with a professional property management company. I have been dealing with various companies in Santa Cruz over the last few months, and Kendall & Potter is by far the most professional. Thank you for all your assistance in this matter.” – Laura Birmingham
“Thank you for your services for the past several years. Knowing my properties were under your professional care gave me peace of mind and allowed me to take care of other matters.” – Teresa Dareau